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The Pinoy Massage known as Hilot is a traditional healing technique from the Philippines that also includes massage techniques. The massage techniques relax stressed muscles. Hilot also includes joint manipulations to help relax stressed muscles.

Hilot encompasses a wide variety of techniques beyond the treatment of stressed muscles. Hilot can be used to reset sprained joints, diagnose and treat musculoligamentous and musculoskeletal ailments, and even to aid in giving birth and to induce abortion.

Now accepting home and hotel service massage therapy within metro manila area and nearby provinces 24/7.

Service Offered:

1. Pinoy Hilot (Filipino style massage)

1. Swedish Massage ( whole body, back )

2. Reflexology ( hands, foot )

3. Head and Facial massage

4. Chair massage (back, neck and head, arms)

5. Shiatsu (stretching and finger pressure)

6. Bentosa

7. Hot steam ( suob )

For appointment, please call at (02) 2395931 or email: